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Taverna Antiqua
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Taverna Antiqua is a themed restaurant concept that offers not only a delicious meal prepared according to medieval methods, but also provides a unique atmosphere and experience, going back, with high detail, to one of the golden ages of our story. Old times are recreated, when feudal lords disputed kingdoms, castles, land, where the law was made by the edge of the sword and by religious beliefs ... The environment is completely recreated, in great detail, in order to enjoy a meal with all medieval precepts, from crockery and cutlery, to lighting, decoration and clothing for all employees and service personnel. All of this spiced with performances and live music, which make the experience as realistic as possible. It is a space located in the historic center of Tomar, a city with a great medieval and Templar heritage, which offers much more than a simple meal. It provides an immersive experience, transmitting an enormous cultural wealth of our country.



Price range:
15€ - 20€
House speciality:
Gastronomia medieval, carne de caça, sopa de castanha com cogumelos, pernil assado, bacalhau / Medieval gastronomy, game meat, chestnut soup with wild mushrooms, roasted pork knee, cod
+351 919080455
Praça da República, 23 - 25
2300-550 Tomar
39.60378696502638, -8.415441513061523