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Local accommodation
Horta dos Cedros
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House of Art (two bedroom house, living room, kitchenette and wc) and Casa da Árvore (one bedroom house, living room, kitchenette and wc) are renovated and refurbished spaces, with a special affection, the fully equipped houses, seek a comfort and refinement in a field that is also a city. Horta dos Cedros is much more than a small hotel, just a 5 minute walking to the center. It is a space that offers serenity and recollection in a journey with comfort and contemporaneity that will make the stay unforgettable.

We thought Horta dos Cedros is traditional family space, but at the same time extravagant and unique. The fusion of design, rurality, comfort and elegance, appeal to the senses and feelings.


Price range:
70€/ 150€
(+351) 963 083 188
Rua Horta do Perú - Ponte da Vala
2300-316 Tomar
39.61214364780831, -8.409057855606079